5 Things to do While Quarantined

Wow! I don’t think anyone imagined the new year starting like this. 2020 is such a perfect number and I’m sure many of us had all these grand plans as most do with the coming of any new year. Even though I’ve been stuck at home with my kids and husband, I’ve been knocking out things from my vision board and forming new habits! If you‘ve found yourself struggling during this time, here‘s 5 Things To Do While Quarantined.

1) Start a Blog or Journal

I actually started my blog in February but got a little sidetracked and didn’t revisit it until TODAY. Starting a blog or journal, can help you transfer your thoughts to paper or browser, haha. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not much of a writer but I did get A’s on my papers in college, so there’s that. A lot is happening in the world today and plenty of it can be blogged.

2) Start a Garden

Gardening is a newfound love of mine. There’s just something so pleasing about growth whether it be personal, children, career, or plants. I tried growing a garden when we first purchased our home but my plants were devoured by insects and maybe even rabbits. I got so discouraged and didn’t revisit it until now, 5 years later. I’ve found that gardening is therapy for me. I enjoy pulling weeds, planting seeds, trimming stems, watching them sprout, and watering their problems away for a new day. Some benefits of gardening is adding beauty to your yard and the fresh unprocessed food. I grew up having a garden but my parents maintained it. All I can remember are the meals and drinks with the fresh herbs and veggies- taste that will NEVER go away. There’s just something about fresh veggies!

3) Start Healthy Routines

Most of us are home and unable to work. This is a perfect time to tighten your routines with yourself and your family. My daily routines consist of tidying up, cooking, exercising, teaching, and hobbies. You can eliminate a lot of chaos in your life by building good routines. I’ve found that children function better with routines. By putting myself and my children on a routine, I get more accomplished during the day.

4) Learn Something New

Before this quarantine, I did not know how to sew. I bought myself a sewing machine for my birthday about 2 yrs ago. Granted, I watched plenty of YouTube videos and learned but never really started. I always thought I couldn’t afford to be wasting money on fabric and messing it up. Well, being home unemployed the need for medical mask started trending and I said what the heck. I binge watched a couple of videos late one night and went to the store the next day. I spent the day practicing all type of designs and landed on one that was perfect for beginners like me. I couldn’t believe how quick I learned to sew and I’m now ready to make so many more things. I plan to teach my daughter how to sew so that she can make an income for herself as well. If you’re like me and have a machine just laying around (or checkout secondhand sites like Facebook Market, OfferUp, or LetGo), give sewing a try and help out your local community. It can help supplement income and I’ve found it to be therapeutic as well.

5) Do a Renovation

I know there’s gotta be some task you’ve been putting off or you are so annoyed with a place in your home. For us, it’s our backyard. Our backyard was in need of some serious TLC.

The grass is dying, there‘s no seating, and it lacks color. I’m actually in the middle of this project now so I don’t have a before and after picture yet. Our goal is to have a yard that we can enjoy and entertain in for years to come. Seeing as though we’ll be ”Safe at Home“ for a while, might as well be comfortable. If you have a sore spot in your home, do yourself a favor and get it together. We have nothing but time on our hands right now. Search second hand sites for bargains and steals and make it your own!

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