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Creating Content

I remember when I first started my business, I knew I wanted a well-rounded page but wasn’t too sure of how to go about it. I viewed several pages that had beautiful designs, but they all seemed to have the same layout but different niches. I knew I wanted to look different and bring my creativeness and authenticity. I pondered on the idea of “What exactly is content and what does that look like for me?”

The term content creator has replaced the old name of “Influencer”. Really they're still the same thing. Name a content creator, YOU LIKE, that has not influenced you in some way. To be quite honest, I never really liked the name influencer because it always held a negative connotation with me. It seemed the only influencer accounts I saw weren't adding value. This has changed so much in the past few years.

So, what is a content creator? A content creator is someone who creates educational or entertaining material via digital media and/or social platforms.

Content creators are found online because that is where most people hang out most of the day. If you’re seeking a large following, to grow your business, or looking to generate sales, you’ll need to meet your audience where they’re at and that is on social media.

As a small or major business, content creation could look like several things. If you’re seeking to start creating content for your small business. It’s important to know what content is.

Lots of people direct message me or leave comments complimenting my Instagram and Facebook business pages. I am recognized for its vibrant look, my professionalism, informative content, and more. For me, I’m naturally creative and I believe we all are in our own special way. I realized this as a child through my drawings and creations up to my adult life. I’ve always viewed the world in this artistic way. I can see the beauty in anything. I think that’s what I like about art. Art doesn’t have to be perfect and neither does creativity.

In my creative mind, content is everything, YES! everything. Regardless of business niche, there is plenty that you do daily that you can create content from. If you struggle with content and find yourself wanting to spice your page up a bit, then I’m hoping I can help you unscramble your thoughts and figure it out.

60 Brainstorming Questions for Creating Content for Small Businesses

I own multiple businesses. The notary business currently gains the most traction because honestly, it’s the one that gets the most of my time.

Some content creations that I produce for this business looks like, notarizing a document, showing my customers and reviews, advertising my services, and creating videos about my experience. There’s a lot more content ideas to do for this business. Whatever your industry is you can apply the same thing.

Here’s some tips for you: Stay current on your industry and current trends, and know your audience. It doesn't have to look a certain way. Be you, be authentic! Most importantly… HAVE FUN!

Ready to start producing content? Get this Ebook “Content Creation for Small Business Owners”.

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