What are you passionate about?

I consider myself a “Jack-of-all-Trades”. I don’t think there’s anything I can’t do partly because I‘m simply multi-talented and mostly because I‘m the queen of trying to learn something new.

Being multi-talented clogs my vision. I’m always jumping from one thing to the next simply because I can do it and I‘m constantly thinking of things I want to do. I desire to work for me and me only. Through meditation, I realized that I hadn‘t identified my true life passion and this is why I jump from this to that. I told myself that everything I’m good at doesn’t have to be something to make money behind. By turning all my talents into income source it was oddly killing my creativeness. Everything was exhausting. I lost my hobbies. As if my thinking was confirmation, a meme dropped shortly after this realization and it was right on time!

Since early childhood, I‘ve been deemed creative. I was born with an artistic mind. I pick up on things VERY quickly and often times naturally. I sketched pictures from eye at early ages, played multiple sports, played instruments, played tunes from ear, doing hair, building things, and much more. There really isn’t much that I can’t do. The lack of knowing my passion caused me to live a chaotic life jumping from one job to the next and one hobby to the next. By jumping from this to that, I’ve experienced burn out. Being burnt out makes me not enjoy the things I obviously love doing. This brings me to the reason I made this post. It’s important to figure out and know the difference between your passion, hobby, and hustles. If you’re anything like what I just describe then this post is for you.


Your hobby is something you like to do in your free time. You get enjoyment doing these things. Your hobby changes overtime because your interests will change with new knowledge and advancements in the world. You gotta be careful though because hobbies can be expensive too. You don’t typically make money from your hobby, however, thats completely up to you. Just remember that you want to enjoy it and charging for it may bring on harbored feelings which will take the enjoyment out of it. That would make it no longer a hobby.

Of all my talent and skills, my current hobbies include gardening, financial literacy, fishing, playing music, and fitness. I also enjoy meditating, exercise, yoga, and collecting crystals. I listed those things as a hobby because I haven’t truly devoted myself to it compeltelt even though I love doing it. I’m sure these will move to my passion category once I get my life together. Some pass hobbies I’ve had include doing hair, running, and drawing. I still draw sometimes for stress relief or casually. Think you can identify your hobbies from your passions?


These are your quick, get money gigs. The beauty in hustling is you do when YOU want to. I’d have to say your hustles are probably a mix of your passion and hobbies. By dictionary, a hustler is a crook essentially but not in my vocabulary. I’m not going to lie, I’m always looking for a way to make MORE money. I plan to retire EARLY and as a millionaire.

I’ve had several hustles. My hustles over time has helped me to supplement income and pay off debts. It’s been said that every millionaire has 7 streams of income and like I said I‘m trying to get there. I don’t plan to hustle forever though. Only when it’s needed. When something no longer serves as a hobby for me, it migrates to the hustling category. It doesn’t bring me enjoyment anymore but since I know how to do it, I’ll do it for a price. Hustling is tiring for me and I don’t like things that deplete me of my energy. Do you have a go to hustle?


Your passion is what you love. It’s an intense emotion or enthusiasm about something. Its what you put your all into. What you’re passionate about doesn’t feel like work ever because you love doing it, talking about it, and researching it. It tests you, intrigues you, and pushes you. Identifying your passion could help you lead a fulfilling life.

After meditating on this, I’ve found that my passion is to “create”. But create what? With every job that I’ve had or free time, I find myself in “creation mode”. It‘s one of my first loves. As a child, I use to DIY crafts all the time. When holidays came, I’d make little pop up cards and build things out of random items in and around the house. I’d draw and sketch pictures for hours on end. I randomly doodle during meetings and when I zone out. Even as an adult now, I engulf myself with DIY projects around the house. They say “Moms know best” and one thing my mom has always pushed me to do is to continue create, to draw. I truly believe a lot of our life passions stem from childhood in some form. Take a moment to think about it. What were you passionate about as a child? Is it the same thing in some way today?

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