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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification and Odometer Reading in Florida

Updated: Apr 19

If you plan on buying a vehicle or transferring ownership of a vehicle in the state of Florida, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to get the vehicle identification number (VIN) verified. This must be done by a law enforcement officer or Florida notary public, in person. Unfortunately, VIN verifications can not be done via remote online notary. A vehicle identification number verification is a 17 character long number, made up of numbers and letters. This is the vehicles unique identifier.

A satisfied customer after a VIN verification

Image: VIN Verification completed on a Semi-Truck by Brittney of BTP Notary Services (Jan. 5, 2022)

Often times, we are called to perform these inspections on cars, vans, motorcycles, pickup trucks, and even semi trucks. The form requires both the owner and verifier to complete parts of the documents. The odometer, VIN number, color, make, and model needs to be noted. The notary verifies all information. Both the owner or seller and notary or officer must sign off on this form in order for it to be accepted at the local county Tax Collectors Office.

Florida DMV VIN Verification

& Odometer Verification

(Click the picture to print the form)

Florida's VIN veriification form HSMV 82042

Image: Form HSMV 82042, click to download

The VIN number can be found in the dashboard and door jam of most vehicles. It can also be found on insurance cards, license plates, vehicle titles, and registration. When verifying for the Department of Motor Vehicles, its best to use the VIN numbers located only in the door jam or dashboard for this form (HSMV 82042).

A door jam with Vehicle identification number

Image: Door jam, Semi-truck, VIN Verification

To book a VIN Verification service, in Florida, with one of our VIN verifiers please call 1-877-NOTARY2 (1-877-668-2792) to schedule an appointment to inspect, verify, and notarize your VIN verification.

Written by: Brittney Palmer


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